Isuzu Plaza opened in April 2017 next door to Fujisawa Plant as part of the 80th anniversary celebrations of Isuzu Motors.

Isuzu Plaza presents the role of commercial vehicles, Isuzu's manufacturing of vehicles as a leader in transportation and operational support, and the history of Isuzu. It aims to be a facility that will make visitors feel close to Isuzu. Holding manufacturing workshops and guided tours of the facility, it will play a role in connecting with the local community.

Isuzu Plaza Wall Art Photo

Isuzu Plaza Truck and Vehicle Photo

Isuzu Plaza Exhibition Vehicle

Isuzu Plaza D-Max Vehicle Image

Isuzu Plaza - GIGA Truck Photo

Isuzu Plaza 1953 Elf Truck Image

Isuzu Plaza TX80 Truck Image

Isuzu Plaza Bus Image

Isuzu Plaza - First Isuzu Truck

Isuzu Plaza Miniature Exhibition 1

Isuzu Plaza Miniature Exhibition 2

Isuzu Plaza Miniature Exhibition 4

Isuzu Plaza Miniature Exhibition 3