ISUZU Sales Challenge Incentive Program – Africa

Isuzu Sales Challenge Africa banner

Program Background

Since April 2019, IIF became responsible for all Isuzu Commercial Vehicle (CV) business in Africa except for Egypt and South Africa.

Consequently therefore, to have the dealers in Africa focus more on Isuzu CV business and grow the CV sales volume, the Isuzu Sales Challenge Incentive program was established.

The objective of the program is to;

  1. Develop a Win-Win culture between Dealers and IIF as they work towards a common goal
  2. Keep Dealers CV sales representatives engaged and motivated towards Isuzu CV business
  3. Create a spirit of healthy internal competition between dealer CV sales team

The Reward

This program seeks to reward the best CV salesperson from each dealership, in terms of units sold in a calendar year. The reward is a 5-day trip to Dubai within Q1 of the succeeding year.

Criteria for Selection:

The dealer must meet the Business Plan sales target and then select the best CV salesperson.


The Champions

We were honored to host our very first 12 champions of the program from January 20, 2020 to January 24, 2020. Bravo! to the following for their exemplary CV sales performance during 2019.






Arnaud Namboy

Sodim T.P



Kevin Jeewood

Axess Ltd



Ms. Lashuana Asare-Kokou

Diwa International



Birtukan Ayele




Daiyabu Tanko

Koncept Auto Centre Ltd



Mokhtar Toure

Caetano Formula-Senegal



Margaret Murerwa

MAC East Africa



Kipkosgei Shollei

Isuzu East Africa



Bernard Voumbi

Sodim T.P



Ismail Bouih

Societe de Distribution Automobile Morocaine



Joel Andriatsimba

Continental Auto S.A



Jude Mein

Executive Motors



The program continues and we expect to host more qualifiers for 2020 in January 2021.

Best Selling!!!


Award winners being welcomed to ISUZU Motors International FZE (IIF)


Brief interactive and explanatory session with management of ISUZU Motors International FZE (IIF)

Award winners had the opportunity to study about the company’s overall goals and strategic direction for FY20 and beyond.


Tour of ISUZU Motors International FZE’s ultra-modern facility, located in JAFZA, Dubai



“I was not entirely sure what to expect when I began my journey to Dubai but I was looking forward to meeting great people with different background but same spirit of goals achievement and meeting targets. I was not disappointed, I met experienced people with vast knowledge of what they are doing and doing well- Making Isuzu brand globally the best and satisfying the needs of their clients’.
It was a memorial occasion, memory that would last for life time- Thank you ISUZU TEAM , thank you my friends.
Yours Isuzu Ambassador in Nigeria”

Alh.Tanko Dayyabu
Koncept Autocentre
Isolo Lagos – Nigeria


“ISUZU Sales Challenge 2020 was truly an eye opener. Visiting Dubai, one of the most beautiful cities in the world was pure inspiration with great learnings and appreciation.
The trip presented the team an opportunity to visit IIF and many other memorable places under the program. At IIF we learnt a lot especially the critical role the Company is doing to support the African Dealers and businesses to grow and expand the Isuzu CV business in the region to achieve various business objectives.

The trip was organized by the IIF team flawlessly, and it gave an opportunity for different Isuzu Markets in Africa to engage, network, share experiences, opportunities and challenges in the path of growing the Isuzu brand and drive for results. The diversity of the different markets, French and English speaking ,gave us an opportunity to learn and embolden the team work and spirit towards a common goal to make Isuzu the best in Africa for which we say in East Africa -Isuzu Tosha!( Isuzu it is)

This being a pilot incentive program, we took back to our markets, the great experiences and moments to create inspiration and challenge our other team members to work towards the program objectives, by creating healthy internal competition and motivation to drive our business through excellence and great execution.

We thank the IIF team for this initiative and we hope the same shall continue to enable and transform other team members towards making Isuzu the trusted logistics partner through solutions and value to the customer.
Isuzu sales challenge experience will remain a treasure and motivation to do more by going the extra mile to ensure Isuzu becomes nothing but the best brand in Africa. We thank you for the great opportunity.”

Kipkosgei Shollei
General Manager, Government and Fleet Sales
ISUZU East Africa Ltd

ISUZU stand ready and finding ways to help stop COVID-19

Isuzu Fights Covid 19 Banner

In this uncertain time, as the world faces a new situation. This pandemic that makes everyone scared, worried and have fears.  Not only fears this pandemic but also on how to survive their day to day needs without going out of their homes.  We stand ready and finding our ways to help. We provide support through delivery, all you need is to stay home. We deliver your needs and wants.  We deliver to keep you well. Stop the spread of the virus.
Stay home. Stay Safe.

ISUZU Middle East and Africa Regional Conference 2020

Isuzu Middle East and Africa Regional Conference 2020 Banner

Congratulations! To all the winners of ISUZU Middle East and Africa Regional Conference 2020.

Once again, we conducted Regional Conference to be “Closer to Customer”.

Where we discussed our improvements to deliver services to satisfy customer needs, keep expanding our connections, training we conducted and many more.

All of this to achieve the ultimate goal Road to After sales Excellence!


Isuzu Conducted Service Training for East Africa Banner


 IIF Successfully conducted

  • Service Adviser Level 1 Training for East Africa


Training Date – 26th & 28th Nov 2019       

Training Venue -– National Motors Training facility, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Trainees Enhanced skill of

 Customer care  & Customer service

Technical knowledge

For Customer retention

Business success

Countries attended the Training – Ethiopia & Sudan 


Attend Dealers –

  • Kaki Motors – Ethiopia
  • National motors Corporation – Ethiopia
  • Danfodio – Sudan  


No. of participants – 9 Trainees


Isuzu First Export to Africa Banner



– “This new scheme can create a lot of benefits to customers by cutting a delivery lead time and adding more values. With those additional values, not only Africa, but we can also export to the Middle East and any other country in the world. We have a bright future.”
said, Mr. Kenji Matsuoka, Deputy President, ISUZU MOTORS INTERNATIONAL FZE –

ISUZU MOTORS INTERNATIONAL FZE (“IIF”) announced a start of vehicle export to African countries from INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER (“IDC”), established at Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to be ready for an immediate delivery, during its first export ceremony on January 26th 2020.

This scheme of exporting vehicles from IDC is aimed to respond promptly to customers’ business needs from each African country by shortening the vehicle delivery lead-time from the current five (5) months to two (2) months. Furthermore, as the regional distributor, IIF can offer the vehicles with additional values such as a rear body installation, a chassis modification, a telematics installation, trade finance, etc. to customers in the world.

IIF has implemented its enhancement program of aftersales service through the authorized dealership network in 25 countries in Africa. With this new scheme to shorten the delivery lead time of the vehicles, it enables us to further enhance our services to enrich customers satisfaction.

The first voyage will be for Liberia, and our flagship model NPR71H will be loaded. IIF plans to expand the export capacity through IDC and optimize supply-chain-logistics from various perspectives.





Isuzu Jumbo Crane Banner

We are very pleased to introduce to our variable customer in Saudi Arabia for our premium
quality crane truck as one stop shop items.

We collaborate with TADANO who is No. 1 truck crane brand in KSA and started to provide
completed crane truck which customer can reduce lead time, less manpower for arrangement
with reasonable price & great quality.

It is now ready to be released to our customer in Saudi Arabia and we believe this new product
can support our customer.

Variety of Safety Features
“HOOK-IN” (Automatic Hook Stow System) is Standard for all cranes with many safety devices.

Premium Quality
Jumbo Crane is quality controlled by Isuzu and Tadano based on the accurate test.

Reliable Service
Isuzu and Tadano authorized distributors will give you reliable after sales service.

Special Price Offer
More lesser price than buying the Crane separately.

The Latest Safety System available on “TM-ZX1505HRS”.

“Safety AML System” calculates and display load weight during unloading.
At full loading, it is possible to carry heavier things further away.

Outriggers asymmetric extension width control
optimum lifting performance at any outrigger width!

Radio Controller With Color LCD Display
The Liquid crystal display constantly shows operating information such as hook load, rated load and moment load ratio.

– NPR85K + TM-ZE293MH
– FSR34N + TM-ZE303MH
– FVR34Q + TM-ZT503H
– FVZ34R + TM-ZT1005H
– CYZ51Q + TM-ZX1505HRS